ac·tor | [ ˈak-tər also -t ȯr ]

from the Greek term (hupokritḗs), literally “one who answers”.

“Cleo is a powerhouse. Loved working with her.”
– Cindy Lee, Director

my story

Based on true events…

Early 90’s. A toddler stands in awe of the flickering images on the television. She’s so amazed, she tries to climb into the TV, except, the big box falls on to her.

Yes. This was me, so needless to say, I survived. The telly and it’s bunny aerial? Never to be seen again. Point is, you could say, I always knew I wanted to be on TV. Another way to put it is the big screen fell for me and I nearly died for it.

For more about this (almost) Romeo & Juliet story, feel free to explore my page to check out other work I’ve done.


– Cleo

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